En Inglés, sin subtítulos.

All target audiences (recommended +12 years old)


Duration: 28 min.


DARK BIOSPHERE takes us to the frontiers of knowledge of one of the most amazing phenomena we can study: life.

Deep beneath the earth’s crust, hundreds of metres or kilometres below the surface, with no light, no air, and very little water, in pores and fissures of hard rock, scientists have found an enormous biodiversity of micro-organisms that thrive in extreme conditions. The Dark Biosphere challenges everything we thought we knew and challenges us to rethink not only the origin and evolution of life on Earth but its possible existence throughout the Universe.

Dirección: Javier Bollaín 

‘I grew up in a nine-planet Solar System with only one inhabited planet. It is funny how some information seems forever engraved in our minds although science is ever-changing in its truths. This is certainly the case in all fields of science, but we are at a point in human history where one of these fields has taken a giant leap forward in recent years: astrobiology.’

… ‘Life, far from being scarce, is proving to be extremely diverse, with studies suggesting that 90% of the planet’s bacteria and archaea could be found deep within the crust. Living things that thrive without the need for sunlight, the presence of an ocean or the existence of an atmosphere. They defy everything we have ever known. In short, organisms that open the door to the possibility that life is an abundant phenomenon throughout the universe.‘

‘It never ceases to amaze me when the truths that science is gradually revealing far outweigh the science fiction stories. It is this sense of wonder that I want to convey to the viewer, whatever their age. It is that feeling of excitement at the incredible phenomenon of life and the possibility that it is not exclusive to the planet we inhabit. This style of filmmaking excites me because it is myself, in attempting to tell others these shifting scientific truths, who am the first to regain my ability to admire life.‘

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